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Fox 2 News: Vibes Detroit Top Metro-Detroit Wellness Businesses

Updated: May 16

Wellness is an all-encompassing approach to health that goes beyond just our physical and mental state. It includes emotional, spiritual, and social well-being for complete body wellness. When we take a closer look at our overall well-being from all these perspectives and address our unmet needs, we can lead happier and healthier lives.

At Soulbris Salt Spa, we prioritize your well-being. Our aim is to provide a sanctuary for relaxation and healing, where you can find relief from various health concerns and embark on a journey towards a balanced, healthier life. We invite you to explore our services, join our community, and experience the transformative power of salt therapy and mindfulness practices. Your health and happiness are at the core of our mission, and we're excited to be a part of your wellness journey.

We're honored to be included in Vibes Detroit's list of recommended women-owned wellness businesses in Metro Detroit.

Vibes Detroit strives to showcase the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas in an innovative and engaging way through small business advertisement, content creation, and community involvement.

Check out our feature here:

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