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Salt Therapy Podcast: Healing Through Halotherapy

Updated: May 16

Dive into the world of holistic wellness with Halotherapy Solution's new salt therapy podcast episode featuring our very own, Bionca Abbod, the visionary owner of Soulbris Salt Spa, also the winner of the Best Halotherapy Facility award in the Touchless Wellness Awards.

Explore how Halotherapy revolutionized her esthetician business, transforming it into a beacon of health and rejuvenation in Detroit. Discover how Bionca's innovative salt cave experience and Halo IR therapy have captivated her audience, fostering a loyal following and community engagement.

Gain insights into the surging popularity of Halotherapy, fueled by post-COVID health concerns and a newfound appreciation for salt therapy's benefits.

Want to try the Soulbris Salt Spa experience?

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